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About EMSCO Group

The company was founded in 1861 as Theo J.ELY Company. At that time the main products of the company are wooden mop buckets, mop handles, carpet beaters, crosscut saw handles, cowpokes, and buggy whips. Now there are changes in the products but the quality and customer service are still best like before. The customer trusts EMSCO Group over 150 years and it is still the leader in the plastics & homewares industries. The company innovates its product as American Manufactures in various categories which are based in North-western Pennsylvania.

EMSCO Group Saving Deals Available on Amazon Store

 Amazon is also providing EMSCO Group products at bucks sparing price value. You can use EMSCO Group Amazon Coupons and get large saving offers on the products. The company helps you to get great products at one place without compromising their quality. Shop wide categories of products for your daily use such as Lawn & Garden, Home, Cleaning Aids, Toys, Landscaping, Snow Removal, Sports Products, Recreation and more at an affordable price only at Amazon.com.

Amazing Products Categories of EMSCO Group

  1. Landscape– these products are designed beautifully to make your lawn, garden, patio attractive.
  • Landscape Rocks
  • Edging
  • Fencing
  • Pavers
  • Hose Hiders
  • Garden Tools
  1. Planters– get best and affordable planters products with EMSCO Group.
  • Planters
  • Grow Boxes
  • Accessories
  1. Rain Barrels– these products are great and suitable for keeping water handy for droughts. It also helps to save some water bills and give plants plenty of Chlorine free water.
  • Rock Rain Barrels
  • UEN Rain Barrels
  • Whiskey Rain Barrels
  • Rain Barrel Accessories
  • Other Rain Barrels
  1. Snow Removal– get tools for removing snow for vehicles, home, and driveway.
  • Ice Scrapers & Snow Brooms
  • Assorted Snow Shovels
  • Shock Shield Snow Shovels
  • Northern Lites Plus Snow Shovels
  • Small & Collapsible Shovels
  • Kids Snow Shovels
  1. Outdoors & Recreation– get some toys and sports products for kids.
  • Golf & Throwing Discs
  • Kayaks
  • Snow Sleds
  • Snowboards
  • Snow Toys 7 Sports
  • Summer Toys & Sports
  1. Home Goods– Get everything you need for home surrounding and daily use.
  • Christmas Tree Stands
  • Furniture
  • Mops Brooms & Dusters

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